Transitioning your winter clothes to spring ones

Now that we have arrived in the chilly and breeze season. Maybe it's time for you to hide those sweaters and start wearing your all-time favourite dress! 

Here are ways on how you can do it! 

#1 Start wearing bright colours 

  • Welcome, that spring vibe by adding bright colours to your wardrobe! Add some bright colour scarf on your clothes. 

#2 Get creative with your layering 

  • Not quite balmy enough to wear just a blazer and tee? Try slipping a cardigan underneath your blazer for a sporty yet sophisticated look.


#3 Bring out your colourful shoes

  • Shoes in vibrant shades like emerald green flats are sure to put a spring in your step. You can also explore other spring footwear other than flats or loafers


#4. Indulge yourself in the beauty of Maxi dress

  • A midi or maxi skirt is an ideal piece to transition you from winter to spring. Whichever style of midi you choose, you sure won’t be as cold in it as you’d be in a mini skirt. 


If you need any help in terms of your fashion inspiration with your spring wear, you can visit Luxury Lemon. Our store can offer a wide variety of products starting from our finest collection of clothes, up to your accessories. 

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