We always have that one summer memory we can’t get rid off, isn’t there?

And even IF we still have 100 nights away before the summer starts, we already are on our feet making lists of what we’ll do! Summer is probably the season we favour the most. Who does not want to walk on the sand, sunbathing to achieve the tan, and cool down at the beach?

But besides all these, there are a lot of summer activities that you may want to include in your bucket list…

#1 Take a road trip

Who says summer should be expensive? Just pick a spot on the map and ready yourself to the road. You can go solo or be with your best friends! Make sure to take photos at every stop, turn the radio up and just go with it and have fun! Remember, the open road is calling us!


#2 Go on a Picnic

A picnic with friends or family is a sure way to spend some nice quality time with each other. You can even choose to spend it in your backyard! The choice is yours. Prepare some delicious snacks, and you're all set.



#3 NO IRT (Internet-Radio-Television)

We know! The Internet is very essential, but it’s summer! It’s that time of the year that you can actually take a break from the demands of the world - not that we are exaggerating. But just try for one whole day, where you turn off every gadget in the house. You can go camping, maybe finish a book this time, write, or even do some painting (and by that we mean paint by numbers - it’s easier!) OR clean your space! Girl, that closet needs some reshuffling!


#4 Eat, eat and eat!

Chips, cheese and gravy - mouthwatering, eh? What else to say, it’s food. Just go out there, enjoy yourself under the heat of the sun, have some ice cream while walking the streets and buy anything you want to eat. SIMPLE!


#5 Pay it forward

Aside from this being a hit movie, why not do one act of kindness for a day. Be it your mission to make someone’s day. Summer is not only about who has the most adventure, who has been in the best places, who stayed in hotels… because summer is about creating memories, memories that one day your grandchildren will hear. So maybe, just this season - be the reason why they smile.


Summer is here, and these are just 5 things that  you can do and add to your summer bucket list. Just be ready, you don’t need to know what to expect this summer, just be YOU! 

BUT just one tip - stay hydrated, okay? As you go on this summer, remember it’s HOT  - so drink your water, and one best way to not forget about it, have a water bottle ready in your bag ;) and we just have the best product for you, check the link HERE.

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