Ways to Style Up your Spring Fashion Game

It’s time to say goodbye to our winter coats and jumpers because SPRING fashion is HERE!

Every modern fashionista knows that spring is when we rack up our closets, bring out the trendiest patterns and unravel the most vibrant colours. But did you know that, it wasn’t until the 1930’s big floral prints and bright colourful clothes were introduced. During the early 20th century, there was a practical element to the lack of colour, because colourful clothes got dirtier quicker. Thus, only the royals and elites who didn’t have to worry about getting dirty, can wear bright dresses as they pleased - making colour a symbol of wealth.

Then came the 30’s when the 40-hour work week was introduced, paving way to the rise of mass tourism and of the middle class. A lot of industries grew, with laborers affording more - welcomes the mass fashion!

This 2021, we bring you these two easy ways to rock on your spring fashion style:

Spring is all about bloom and cool breeze, and of course DRESSES! So why not step up your spring dress into something bolder, like going for a boho look with a button-down floral maxi dress. Matching it up with a head scarf taking inspiration from the 50’s and 60’s. Absolutely, classic!

And number two. Embrace those sneakers! Who says sneakers aren’t for all? They are a great choice for spring - it's not quite hot enough unlike sandals but not too warm like booties. Mix and match them up with a pastel tone look and oversized boyfriend jackets, guarantee a fresh note to your spring look.

You see, choosing the right clothes for every season is a challenge. But when you channel the creative and unique in you, you can definitely bring out the best of you.

What are you waiting for, it’s time for that spring spirit and here at Luxury Lemon find the pieces you need to step up your spring style game.

Luxury at it’s finest.

And don’t forget the best rule of fashion - simply be the confident YOU!

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